HCM Series

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HCM Series

The HCM Series provides a thermopile sensor chip and optical filter suited to the application plus an analog ASIC for signal conditioning inside a small SMD package. The gain of the ASIC can be preset to either 2150 or 4300 by an internal pull-up resistor. With the integrated linear temperature reference changing ambient temperature can be compensated for. The sensor supply voltage can be chosen in the range between 2.7 V and 5 V.

Features and Benefits

  • Small leadless SMD package
  • Integrated ASIC with analog output
  • Integrated linear temperature reference
  • Large number of optical filter options
  • Large operating range -20°C to 120°C
  • Ideal for gas concentration measurements


 HCM C12HCM C2c2HCM C22HCM E222Unit
Number of channels1112
Sensor footprint3.8x3.83.8x3.83.8x3.85x5mm²
Element size0.61²0.76²1.2²1.2²mm²
Voltage response22306363V mm² / W
Sensitivity58524444V / W
Resistance R_TP86758484kOhm
TC of resistance R_TP0. / K
Noise38353737nV / Hz½
Detectivity0.9e81.1e81.4e81.4e8cm Hz½ / W
Time constant<5101010ms
Temperature reference voltage1.
Sensitivity temp. ref.16161616mV/°C
Zero input signal voltage1.
Sensor gain4300 or 2150 4300 or 2150 4300 or 21504300 or 2150V / V
Field of view120120120120degree
Operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 120-40 .. 120-40 .. 120-40 .. 120°C

Filter Options

Gas Concentration Measurements

GasCWL in nmHPBW in nmFilter
CH₄3300 160F3.3/160
CO4640180 F4.64/180
- (ref.)391090F3.91/90