8×8 Array

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8×8 Thermopile Infrared Array

The HTPA8x8d is the world’s smallest thermopile infrared array sensor with a resolution of 8×8 pixels inside a TO-46 metal housing with IR lens as window
It has a 16-bit ADC resolution and built-in EEPROM to store all calibration data. With the digital I²C interface, only four pins are needed for operation. Framerates of 89 Hz and more are possible, depending on the ADC resolution. This is especially interesting for remote temperature measurements as it allows average multiple data frames for a more accurate measurement value.
We are able to integrate a variety of optical lenses for a customized field of view and can perform the factory calibration if desired.

Features and Benefits

  • 8×8 thermopile pixel elements
  • Integrated optical lenses available
  • Built-in EEPROM
  • High frame rates of 89 Hz and more
  • Very low NETD of 115 mK
  • Ideal for remote temperature measurements, gesture and movement detection



Supply voltage (DC)3.3+0.3/-0.0V
Current consumption1.8± 0.5mA
Clock frequency (Sensor)5± 3MHz
Ambient temperature range-20 to 85°C
Object temperature range-20 to >1000°C
Framerate7 to 160Hz
Field of view23 or 47°

Example Picture