HMM Series – Miniature Digital

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HMM Series – Miniature Digital

The HMM Series provides our smallest thermopile sensor chip and ASIC with digital output in a tiny TO-46 metal housing for non-contact temperature measurements. It features a digital temperature output or voltage readout in a SMBus compatible operation with an output range from -5°C to 115°C. In pulse width modulated (PWM) output mode, a desired output temperature range can be defined with respect to the desired temperature resolution. The sensor provides high accuracy over a wide temperature range with a resolution better than 0.1°C. This sensor is available as an “M-type” with integrated lens (L3.0) which provides a 4:1 distance-to-spot-ratio in comparison to the standard “J-type”.

Features and Benefits

  • Tiny TO-46 metal housing
  • Integrated ASIC with digital temperature readout
  • SMBus compatible operation or PWM output
  • High accuracy over wide temperature range
  • Optional lens available
  • Ideal for non-contact temperature measurements



 HMM M13Unit
Supply voltage3V
Supply current1.4mA
Start up time after POR150ms
Object temperature range-5 .. 115°C
Refresh rate ASIC100ms
Operating temperature-40 .. 85°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 125°C

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