HSL Series

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HSL Series

The HSL Series (Heimann Sensor Lamp) provides low cost and reliable infrared light sources with a long lifetime for nondispersive infrared (NDIR) gas detection by IR light absorption. These light sources can be used for wavelengths shorter than about 4.5 µm and are operated in DC or AC mode. In combination with our HTS Multichannel Sensors, they can be utilized to detect gases like CO2 or hydrocarbons (HC).

Features and Benefits

  • Small form factor

  • Good processability

  • Long lifetime and high reliability

  • Two versions: 60 mA and 115 mA

  • Socket or non-Socket type



Supply voltage (DC)3.3+0.3/-0.0V
Current consumption1.8± 0.5mA
Clock frequency (Sensor)5± 3MHz
Ambient temperature range-20 to 85°C
Object temperature range-20 to >1000°C
Framerate7 to 160Hz
Field of view23 or 47°

Filter Options

Glass Spectral Transmission

The spectral transmission of the quarz glass housing limits applicability of this low cost IR light source. The transmittance of infrared light in fields above 4.5µm wavelength is rather low. It means in effect that for the detection of gases like CO and NO there will not be enough light to generate a reasonable measurement signal.
If you wish to detect gases like CO, NO or any other gas in longer wavelength areas, you might want to use a broad band infrared emitter like the EMIRS.