HTS Multichannel Series

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HTS Multichannel Series

The HTS Multichannel Series provide two or four independent sensor elements for multichannel gas concentration measurements in a small TO-39 metal housing. Typically, one to three channels are equipped with gas specific filters with different center wavelengths (CWL). The other channel serves as a reference and is equipped with a filter with CWL at which no absorption occurs. In general, a broad band filter will result in a high signal output, whereas a narrow band filter with low Half Power Bandwidth (HPBW) will allow high measurement accuracy.

Features and Benefits

  • Small leadless SMD package
  • Integrated ASIC with analog output
  • Integrated linear temperature reference
  • Large number of optical filter options
  • Large operating range -20°C to 120°C
  • Ideal for gas concentration measurements


 HTS Q21HTS E21HTS E31Unit
Element size1.2²1.2²2.1²mm²
Voltage response6363115V mm² / W
Sensitivity444426V / W
Resistance RTP848484kOhm
TC of resistance RTP0.020.020.02% / K
Noise373738nV / Hz½
Detectivity1.4e81.4e81.5e8cm Hz½ / W
Time constant101018ms
Thermistor reference100100100kOhm
Temp. coeff. of thermistor394039403940K
Operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 120-40 .. 120-40 .. 120°C

Filter Options

Gas Concentration Measurements

GasCWL in nmHPBW in nmFilter
CH₄3300 160F3.3/160
CO4640180 F4.64/180
- (ref.)391090F3.91/90