HIM Series – Miniature Analog

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HIM Series – Miniature Analog

The HIM Series is the miniature version of the HIS Series. It provides a thermopile sensor chip and an ASIC for analog signal conditioning in a small TO-46 housing. The ASIC amplifies the thermoelectric voltage and provides an analog output voltage. The gain can be preset to 4300 or 2150 depending on your application. The HIM Series can be equipped with thermopile chips that are 0.6×0.6mm, 0.76×0.76mm or 1.2×1.2mm. Bigger sensor chips result in a higher sensitivity and output signal. The HIM Series is optimized for non-contact temperature measurements. It can also be used for gas detection and gas concentration measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Small TO-46 metal housing
  • Integrated ASIC with analog voltage output
  • Integrated linear temperature reference
  • Three different thermopile sensor chips sizes available
  • Large operating range -20°C to 120°C
  • Best for remote temperature measurements



 HIM Jx2*Unit
Supply voltage3 to 5V
Supply current1mA
Max. start up time after POR0.5s
Output voltage range0.15 .. (VDD-0.15)V
Zero input signal voltage1.25V
Sensor gain preset4300 or 2150V / V
Temperature reference voltage1.45V
Sensitivity temp. ref.15.5mV / °C
Field of view>70degree
Operating temperature-20 .. 120°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 120°C

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