Home application


• Main application non-contact temperature measurement
• Change the stove
• hair dryer
• Microwave oven • Toaster

Industrial temperature measurement


• Single-stage and multi-element sensors allow non-contact temperature measurement of distance, with fast response speed (usually <1 second):

• Industrial process control and supervision
• Preventive maintenance
• Hot and cold spot detection (array module)
• Thermal Imaging

Medical application



• Non-contact temperature measurement OBD (on-board diagnostics)
• Smart climate control
• Carbon dioxide and air quality
• Occupancy and location detection
• Pre-collision sensing
• Affordable night vision
• Control on the anti-fog windshield



• Human detection
• Law enforcement
• Fire detection and risk detection
• Gas leak detection


Air Conditioning


• Non-contact temperature measurement

• Air quality and comfort
• Energy saving
• Room check-in


Pirani-vacuum gauge


• Vacuum pressure reading