HID-A and HID-L Series Digital Sensors

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HID-A and HID-L Series Digital Sensors

The HID A-Series thermopile sensor modules combine a thermopile sensor chip and application specific optical filter plus an ASIC with digital output inside a standard TO-39 package. With the HID L-Series, we offer an additional optical lens for smaller measurement spot sizes and a lens shade option to reduce unwanted reflections/signals. This allows more accurate temperature measurements or measurements from larger distances. The sensor output is either a digital voltage or a temperature value with a resolution of 0.1°C in a SMBus compatible operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital output temperature or voltage value
  • SMBus or PWM output signal
  • Large object temperature range from -40 to 380°C
  • High refresh rates of 10 Hz
  • Low power consumption of 3 to 5 mW
  • Ideal for temperature measurements



 A1x*A2x*L1x* F5.5Unit
Supply voltage3 or 53 or 53 or 5V
Supply current111mA
Start up time after POR150150150ms
Object temperature range-40 .. 382-40 .. 382-40 .. 382°C
Refresh rate ASIC100100100ms
Field of view 50% energy1001006degree
Operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 125-40 .. 125-40 .. 125°C

Filter Options

Temperature Measurements

HID L-Series – Distance vs. Spot Size