HTS L-Series


HTS L-Series

The HTS L-Series provides single element thermopile sensors with lens optics in standard TO-39 packages for stand-off temperature measurement. The sensor is suited for narrow fields of view and small measurement spots. This allows accurate temperature measurements at greater distances. Like all our single thermopile sensors, it supports any degree of integration favored by our customer. First, choose a thermopile sensor chip and an infrared filter according to your application. Equip it with an optional thermistor providing temperature reference. Add optional in-the-package signal processing in the form of an ASIC for analog ( HIS-Series ) or digital ( HID-Series ) output.

Features and Benefits

  •    TO-39 package
  •     Lens optics for narrow field of view
  •     High accuracy and larger distances
  •     Optional thermistor temperature reference
  •     Optional analog or digital ASIC in the package
  •     Large operating range -20°C to 120°C



 HTS L11HTS L1c1Unit
Element size0.61²0.76²mm²
Voltage response1927V mm² / W
Sensitivity5045V / W
Resistance R_TP8675kOhm
TC of resistance R_TP0.020.02% / K
Noise3835nV / Hz½
Detectivity8.0e79.8e7cm Hz½ / W
Time constant< 58ms
Thermistor reference100100kOhm
Temp. coeff. of thermistor39403940K
Field of view56.5degree
operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°C
storage temperature-40 .. 120-40 .. 120°C

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