Vacuum Sensors – HVS Series


Vacuum Sensors – HVS Series

The HVS Series is our vacuum sensing series. These miniature pirani-type vacuum sensors allow measurements in a pressure range from 1000 mbar (atmospheric pressure) down to 10-3 mbar (HVS 04), and 10 mbar down to 10-5 mbar resp. 10-6 mbar (HVS 03k resp. HVS 03g). They come in a small and robust TO-39 or TO-8 metal housing. Assembling the HVS 04 and HVS 03g in a TO-8 housing allows coverage of the full pressure range.

Features and Benefits

  • Pirani measurement principle
  • Very large pressure range 1000 mbar to 10-6 mbar
  • Small form factor TO-39 or TO-8
  • Robust metal housing
  • High sensitivity



 HVS 03kHVS 04HVS 03g + 04 (dual) 
Chip size4.0²1.0²5.0² + 1.0²mm²
Max. signal voltage400410370 + 410mV
Resistance sensor chip919 + 1kOhm
On chip ref. resistor919 + 1kOhm
Supply voltage3.222V
Operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°C
Storage temperature-40 .. 120-40 .. 120-40 .. 120°C


Typical Characteristics

HVS 04

HVS 03k

HVS 03g