Hyman is a mature manufacturer that provides the highest quality infrared thermopile, stack module (including advanced signal processing) and thermopile assembly for remote measurement and gas detection. The sensor is a global marketer in the field of low-pixel digital infrared imaging. Hyman Electric’s leading stack also maintains their world record for the highest space thermopile of 120×84 pixels. In addition to thermopile, the product portfolio also includes pyroelectric sensors, infrared light sources and sensors.
Founded in 2012, Seek Thermal cooperated with Raytheon and NXP to design and deliver high-quality, affordable thermal imaging sensors and products on a large scale worldwide. As one of the few companies in the world that can build sensors, Seek Thermal has shipped hundreds of thousands of thermal imaging products around the world because it continues to make thermal imaging an accessible daily tool, so people can be safer and faster Get the job done and be smarter.