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Sensor Applications

Our infrared thermopile sensors and thermopile arrays are used for a variety of applications, which we divide into two different categories. The first category comprises non-contact temperature measurements and the second one gas detection and gas concentration measurements. Vacuum sensing applications do not use thermopiles and are addressed by our non-thermopile MEMS sensors.

Temperature Sensing


Single element thermopile sensors and thermopile arrays with low spatial resolution are well suited for non-contact remote temperature measurements. The most common applications are human body temperature measurements with in-ear or forehead thermometers and temperature sensors for industrial process control. Heimann Sensor thermopile sensors are fast due to low thermal time constants that allows quick measurements. In addition, thermopiles can be operated at DC, and do not need to be periodically refreshed with an external shutter mechanism. This allows true continuous temperature observations.
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Body Temperature

Non-contact body temperature
measurements and fever screening
for human beings and pets.

Process Control

Remote temperature measurements
for process control
and industrial applications.


Thermal Imaging

To generate a thermal image, many individual thermopile pixels are arranged in a two dimensional array. Starting with low resolution of 8×8 and 16×16 pixels, we also provide thermopile arrays with 32×32, 80×64 and 120×84 pixels. This allows our customers to generate thermal images with different spatial resolution for different applications. One of the main fields of interest of our customers include person detection in automation and security applications. Another area is hot spot detection, which includes a wide field of applications from engineering to fire suppression to industrial safety up to consumer goods. 
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Person Detection

Person Detection for building automation, energy savings as well as security and safety applications.

Hot Spot Detection

Hot spot detection for engineering
and safety for industry and
consumer applications.

Gas Detection


Out thermopile sensors can be used to perform gas concentration measurements based Beers law and the nondispersive infrared (NDIR) gas detection principle. Simply stated, measuring the absorption of infrared radiation at a specific wavelength allows the determination of the concentration of a specific gas. All that is required is an infrared light source and one thermopile, but two single or one dual thermopile sensor are often used to improve accuracy by eliminating drift over time of the infrared source emission. Due to their small size and low thermal mass, NDIR gas detection with thermopile sensors can be very fast and require only little volume.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Gases like CO 2 are detected and
controlled by smart building
ventilation solutions.

Gas Leak Detection

Detection of dangerous and
hazardous gases for safety and
environmental protection.


Capnography used in e.g.
ventilation machines for premature
babies or COVID-19 patients.

Vacuum Sensing


Our MEMS pirani vacuum sensors can be used for continuous pressure measurements ranging from atmosphere pressure (1000 mbar) down to 10-6 mbar. They can be applied in all kind of vacuum chambers, plasma chambers or in space applications. 
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Vacuum Pressure

Pirani type miniature vacuum
pressure sensors based on
Heimann MEMS technology.