EMIRS Series


EMIRS Series

The EMIRS Series of integrated light sources is offered in cooperation with Axetris AG. These high performance infrared light sources have long-term stability and nearly ideal black body spectrum emittance. Due to the small chip sizes, they can be modulated at high frequencies of up to 100 Hz for wavelength ranges of up to 16 µm. With an optional reflector, the light is focused more precisely and consequently has seven times higher power on axis. The standard version is the EMIRS 200, which comes without a window in a TO39 package, while the small EMIRS 50 comes in a TO-46 package. Optionally, sapphire or other window materials are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Small TO-46 or TO-39 header

  • High electrical power of 187 or 450 mW

  • Fast modulation and small thermal masses

  • Reflector option for seven times higher signal

  • Long lifetime of >10 years

  • Ideal for gas detection of CO, NOx or SOx



 EMIRS 200EMIRS 50Unit
Cold resistance45 ± 1029 ± 7
Hot resistance72 ± 1842 ± 11
Electrical input power450187mW
Operating voltage5.62.7V
Heating time constant1810ms
Cooling time constant85ms
Working temperature450463°C
Lifetime (measured)1010years
Heating area2.1 x 1.80.8 x 0.8mm²
Case temperature40 .. 8540 .. 85°C

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