120×84 Thermopile Infrared Array


120×84 Thermopile Infrared Array

The HTPA120x84d is our highest resolution thermopile infrared array inside a TO-8 housing, which is best for thermal imaging. Due to the digital SPI interface, only six pins are needed for operation. It has a 16-bit ADC and built-in EEPROM stores all calibration data. The framerate can be set individually and depends on the sensor clock and ADC resolution For high 16-bit resolution, framerates of 9 Hz are possible, while lower ADC resolutions allow framerates of up to 30 Hz and more. Different available optical lenses, integrated with the array in TO-8 housing, provide fields of view (FOV) from 12×9 degree up to 120×90 degree. The 120×84 array can be used as drop-in solution for the 80×64 array as it provides the same PIN-out and dimensions.

Features and Benefits

  • 120×84 thermopile pixel elements
  • True shutterless operation
  • 12×9° to 120×90° FOV
  • high framerates of 9 Hz to 50 Hz
  • 16-bit ADC resolution
  •  high object temperature range



Supply voltage (DC)3.3+0.3/-0.0V
Current consumption30± 5mA
Clock frequency (Sensor)10± 5MHz
Ambient temperature range-20 to 85°C
Object temperature range-20 to >1000°C
Framerate (full frame)2 to 50Hz
Framerate (quarter frame)12 to 300Hz
NETD (best optics)tbd*mK@1Hz

Example Picture